31 Jan

Tudor Glamour Date & Day

Category : Tudor

         The Glamour Collection by Tudor is definitely amongst those watch collections that glue in people’s minds because of their unique and extravagant designs.The start of the collection goes by the name of Glamour Date& Day Watch, a watch that puts great emphasis not only ..

         The Roger Dubois Excalibur collection makes of the Roger Dubuis brand one of the most admired brands of the moment. Discover the power of curves with the new Roger Dubuis Excalibur Mens watch, with its interesting almost hexagonal case made of stainless steel.

30 Jan

Doxa Chateau des Monts

Category : Doxa

        The amazing vintage Chateau de Monts Limited Edition watch presents a version of simplicity and good taste, a watch that doesn’t need much adornment to capture the idea of beauty, refinement and sophistication. 120 years of watch manufacturing have made of Doxa a successful story and ..

30 Jan

Tudor Aeronaut

Category : Tudor

        Tudor Aeronaut watch it’s an extremely appealing timepiece, available on 5 different versions of design. The water resistance of the new Tudor Aeronaut Watch can reach up to 150 meters, making of this watch a perfect instrument for diving or engaging in other water activities.

         The skeletonized dial of the new Edox Maitre Horloger Automatic Brown watch is fully visible, being the most appealing design feature of its design concept. The metallic blue hands indicate the hour and the minute that make a beautiful color contrast on ..

         The new watch introduced on the market by Emile Chouriet maintains elegance as core value and approaches a design worthy of royalties. Called the Emile Chouriet Gold Wings Watch, this watch combines the functionality of a watch with the exquisite appearance of jewelries.

         Hermés Clipper Chrono Maxi Automatic watch features a 44 mm in diameter case, larger than most of the Hermés timepieces and it’s made from a very resistant stainless steel material. The bezel lateral side of the case is equipped with a crown and two user-friendly pushers meant..

         The new Edox Men’s Class Royale Mechanical Watch is equipped with a crown placed unconventionally at 4 o’clock and a lateral pusher in the exact opposite position at 8 o’clock. The dial of this watch is white and it offers the view of a skeleton, making a ..

        The famous Grandtour Collection by Tudor features two main models, the Grandtour Chrono Watch and the Grandtour Date Watch, both being available in many variations of strap and dial. Tudor Grandtour Chrono watch has a case measuring ..

         The Roger Dubuis King Square Ladies Rose Gold Diamonds Watch is an extremely feminine timepieces meant to thrill the good taste of women. Approaching an extravagant design, given the diamond adornments, this new timepiece seems to be the best wrist accessory a woman of ..

         The new Hermés Clipper Chrono Maxi watch provides a simple design, with matching dial and strap, and with easy to read functions. The case of the watch measures only 32 mm in diameter and it is surrounded by a bezel equipped with Arabic numeral indications.

         Emile Chouriet has come up with yet another model to impress us. This time the new watch is extremely extravagant, straying a bit from the serious designs of the brand. The new Emile Chouriet King watch is a luxurious watch, both in terms of design and technical movement.

         The new watch presented by Doxa goes by the name of DOXA SUB 5000T Sea Conqueror Diving Watch, and as the name suggests, it’s a watch appropriate for diving activities. You can be sure this timepiece offers some of the most wanted functions found in the diving watches released by now on the …

        Edox Sea Dubai Super Limited Edition watch represents indeed a unique piece of haute Horlogerie. To celebrate Dubai’s RC 44 Championship Tour, Edox has come up with a new interesting watch, meant to mark this wonderful occasion in sports.

15 Jan

Armin Strom Regulator Fire

Category : Armin

        The new Regulator Fire Watch Collection was designed to please the various desires of the Armin Strom customers regarding color and so, it has been decided to manufacture this watch in 5 different color versions, a name being designated to each: Water, Air Diamonds, Fire, Air and Earth.