Now, Hermes has expanded its watch collection by adding striking ladies versions, the new Cape Cod Tonneau Bleu de Malte Watches, a real sensation for the modern ladies. Intense and vivid, the “blue de Malte” is unique; is the color of the waves that have inspired Hermes in giving birth to Cape Cod watch.

4 Jun

Breguet Type XXI Watch

Category : Breguet

     Recently, the brand has announced the launch of a new edition the Type XXI based on the original Type XX watch developed for the French naval air arm back in the ‘50s. The recent interpretation introduces new distinctive features: a central minutes-totalizer and a 24- hour hand.

3 Jun

Rado r5.5 XXL Chronograph

Category : Rado

     For a successful watch company like Rado creativity never comes to an end. Therefore Rado has produced a new amazing timepiece and is proud to present the r5.5 XXL Chronograph model exclusively for men. The new edition is a refreshed version with a plus extra-size of the original and award winning r5.5 model.

     The collection presented here signed De Grisogono is a refreshed version of the popular Instrumento N Uno introduced 10 years ago on the watch market. The lady’s line is composed from a special edition of four designs in daring and vivid colors which emanate joy and freshness.

     Introducing the new TX 830 Linear Duo Chronograph Watch, the young TX watch brand shows once again its true value in the watchmaking world and demonstrates that its reputation of being a young luxury watchmaker is well-grounded.

     Hubolt enters once again the world of professional skiing after being the official time-maker of the FIS Ski World Championships, with the new Hublot Big Bang 44 mm White Aero Bang Garmisch Watch, to celebrate the special association with top professional skier Maria Riesch.

     Introducing the new Astralis chorograph watch, the Louis Moinet brand shows once again that its reputation of being a prestigious Swiss watchmaker is well-grounded. The new Astralis watch is a sophisticated model and an innovative piece, truly a masterpiece of Haute Horology.

     The famous watchmaker Richard Mille is proud to commemorate the close association with Dubail, a fine watch boutique in Paris and with this event it has created a new limited number timepiece, the RM 028 Dubail which will be delivered only in Dubail.

     Coming with new ideas and improvements, the prestigious Breguet Company is pleased to introduce the new Reveil du Tsar Enamel Dial crafted in a warm red gold. It follows the steps of the Breguet Reveil du Tsar wristwatch that is a nice example of a watch with a complex alarm movement launched a few years ago.

     The German-born TX horological company is understandably proud to present its new wonderful collection produced in 9 interpretations represented by the TX 800 Series Linear Chronograph Watch. It is a contemporary line design with advanced technological engineering and aesthetic sophistication inspired by the Italian and German style.

     Oris has introduced three new watches built in honor to the legendary Hawker Hunter aircraft of the 1950s, a British war veteran. The timepieces are inspired and designed after the powerful features specific of the plane. The three Oris Swiss Hunter Team PS Edition models belong to the Aviation collection and are produced for women and men.

     The new creation of the company is known by the name of Chrono 4 Badboy and was launched at the most important international event, BaselWorld 2010, delighting watch connoisseurs with its new and dynamic appearance.

29 Apr

Doxa SUB4000T Watch

Category : Doxa

     Unveiled a few months ago, the new Doxa SUB4000T Watch is a refreshed version of the classic dive watch and is created by the company in limited edition in two interpretations, namely the Professional watch and the Sharkhunter watch, distinctive from one another by the color of the dial’s background.

     A particularly impressive watch from the TX watch collection is the new 770 Fly Back Chronograph Second Time Zone edition, a combination of a Fly Back Chronograph and a 4-hour Chronograph incorporated into a design inspired by the pilot’s watches which demonstrates a sophisticated style and unique technological engineering.

27 Apr

Hublot GreenGo Bang

Category : Hublot

     The renowned timepiece manufacturer Hublot has launched a new wonderful creation, the GreenGo Bang Watch, homage to the 40th anniversary of the popular night club GreenGo.