Stowa Airman Unlimited Version is one of the direct descendents of the 1930s models, it is characterized by the same sobriety and same classy design lines, over the years it has lost many of its retro features but, on the other hand, it has become more precise, more functional and more fitted to be called a third millennium watch.
17 Feb

Longines Admiral

Category : Longines
Created by the prestigious Swiss watchmakers, Longines Admiral adds to the sporty line beauty and embodies an ideal of precision, aesthetic perfection and sobriety. As a conceptual identity, the watch is characterized by a dual nature, being at the same time sober and robust and being the epitome of Longines’ capacity to blend precision and elegance.
In spite of a year of silence, Armin Storm released for 2009, two brand new timepieces, the second line being the Armin Strom Elements Regulator a stylish robust collection which merges reliable and luxurious materials. Here we are presenting you, their latest series- Strom Regulator Elements.