With over 9 collections of watches so far and many limited editions, Atlantic makes room for another impressive timepiece to enter the Seaport Collection, the new Atlantic Seaport Chronograph watch. This new item presented by Atlantic approaches a vintage design that bases its appeal on the slimness of features.

23 Nov

RSW Lady Liberty Watch Line

Category : RSW

       Although through the years, RSW created countless new models, characterized by cutting-edge technologies and vanguard design, destined to please the modern self-assertive man, the brand never neglected its sophisticated feminine clientele, and the delightful new RSW Lady Liberty Watch Line is a great example of this effort.

       Internationally known for the impeccable timekeeping accuracy, and sober unmistakable design, the brand’s Instrumental Watch Collection was recently enriched with another impressive new model the sporty new Bell & Ross Instrument BR 03-94 Black & White Chronograph Watch.

       This year, Ebel proudly presented another beautiful addition to its iconic Ebel Beluga Watch Line, which marks 25 years since the launch of the first Ebel Beluga model- a stylish limited edition, which carries you into the sensuous universe of chocolate- Ebel Beluga Chocolate Limited Edition.

       Not long ago, the brand proudly presented another impressive addition to its sophisticated Cartier Libre Watch collection, the beautiful new Cartier Libre Perles de Cartier Watch WJ304850 Watch that intertwines the brand’s horological expertise, with top-class setting techniques, providing thus the …

       Therefore, the superb new TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Snow Lady Watch Line we are going to present to you in the following article is maybe the best example of the brand’s mastery, when it comes to exuberant timepieces destined to please the representatives of the fair sex.

       Belonging to the Mariner Collection, the new Atlantic Mariner Chrono is definitely a watch that’s worth having in your collection, being a powerful instrument inspired by the sport of diving. The new Atlantic Mariner Chrono shows an exceptional conduit for high quality and taste in watch manufacturing.

       The glamorous design of the new Atlantic Seamoon Chronograph XXL makes the watch even more appealing to those who can recognize functionality and quality in the mechanism of a watch and brings a reassurance of the fact that Atlantic is the proud producer of quality-oriented timepieces.

       A new timepiece by TAG Heuer has made its entrance on the market as being an original timepiece dedicated to one of the noblest sports in the world, golf. Designed and worn by Tiger Wods, the famous American professional golfer, the new TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch provides a sporty and clean design.

       The new Milus Monocera Haute Joillerie Watch in Enamel and Diamonds makes use of cobalt blue surfaces decorated with grand-feu enamel, being delimitated by brilliant white diamonds that create the shape of small islands. The diamonds employed in this design measure some 1.37 carats, adding an amazing value to this watch produced by Milus.

       The new Bovet Fleurier Jumping Hours Watch comprised in the Fleurier Complications Collection is sure to impress right from the first sight due to its dominant and attractive design. The case of this watch measures 42 mm in diameter and is crafted from 18 K white or rose gold.

11 Jul

TX 650 Fly-back Chronograph

Category : TX

       Depending on the choice of the future buyer, the new TX 650 Fly-back Chronograph Watch is available on many color variations for the dial, some featuring a white dial combined with a stainless steel case, while others combinations between black PVD dials and PVD coated stainless steel cases.

       Always incorporating an element of surprise, most watches introduced by Louis Moinet make use of moon pieces, meteor particles, or as in the case of the new Louis Moinet Jurassic Tourbillon, fossilized dinosaur bone. This watch will be manufactured and distributed in a limited edition of just 12 pieces.

9 Jul

Ulysse Nardin El Toro

Category : Ulysse

       The new Ulysse Nardin El Toro Watch maintains some of the features of design specific to Ulysse Nardin, such as the Moonstruck case that measures 43 mm in diamter. The material from the case can be chosen by the customer, who has two options, he can choose between either 18 K red gold, or platinum.

       Angular Momentum is a brand that puts great emphasis on design and this can be seen in almost every timpiece introduced so far by this brand, but especially in the latest Jet Black Model included in the Technical Timepiece Collection.