Founded in 1860, TAG Heuer has achieved many things in Haute Horology and has managed to gain a respected place in this industry. The contribution brought by TAG Heuer to the watch making tradition is inestimable, starting from its Monaco Collection and ending with this exquisite TAG Heuer Silverstone Caliber 11 Chronograph.

       The new TX 600 Series Pilot Fly Back Tourbillon Watch has a powerful design established by the masculine proportions of its case, which measures no less than 47 mm in diamter. The case is crafted from stainless steel and it is extremely resistant.

       Just as its name goes, the new Ulysse Nardin Caprice Tiger watch presents the idea of power and charm and it’s thought to fit the wrist of those women who are decided, passionate and capable of coping with the speedy pace of our modern lifestyle.

       Bovet introduces inspiring watches for the watch making tradition hoping that one day they will be reviewed as landmark pieces. One example of such timepiece is the new Bovet Fleurier Perpetual Calendar Retrograde Watch, a timepiece of amazing value and of enviable technical performance. <.td>

       The chic design of the new Louis Moinet Datascope Watch is extremely appealing due to its refined lines and robustness of features. Characterized by an amazing taste in elegance, the design concept of this new watch is meant to offer its owner an air of distinction and privilege, attitudes specific to a Louis Moinet original wearer.

       The new Wyler Geneve El Camino Real Chronograph Watch rises to the reputation of the Swiss watch making techniques by not only following the high standards of such tradition, but also by bringing something additional to the traditional Swiss technical performance.

       Urwerk is definitely a pioneering brand as through the new Urwerk UR-203 Edition Speciale it presents a revolutionary movement, one of a kind so far, based on fluid dynamics. The automatic winding movement is defined as the world’s first turbine regulation mechanism, caliber UR 7.03.

       A model of mesmerizing beauty is the new Bovet Sportster Saguaro 7-Day Tourbillon 45 mm, a watch whose design can empty your pockets in just one blink of an eye. Definitely appealing, this new watch features a powerful and attractive design based on a 45 mm in diameter case made from 18 carats red gold and black titanium PVD.

       The new model that attracts our attention goes by the name of A.Lange & Sohne Grand Lange 1 Watch and it’s an imposing timepiece characterized by masculine proportions, but whose design still maintains a refined, almost classy look. With its beautifully curved and seductive lines, the design of this new watch hints to sophistication.

       Included in the Jules Verne Collection by Louis Moinet, the Jules Verne Instrument 2 is a timepiece created in a limited edition of just 120 pieces, 60 featuring a black dial, while the other 60 make use of a silver dial. The new Louis Moinet Jules Verne Instrument 2 displays a powerful design.

       With an interesting story behind it, the new Wyler Geneve FIGC Chronograph has much more to tell, starting from the exquisite design, the quality of the materials employed in its manufacturing to the extremely progressive technical movement it provides.

       The new Bovet Fleurier Triple Date Watch features a 42 mm in diameter case crafted either from 18 K white gold or from 18 K rose gold. Following the patter of the other Bovet watches, this one too has its crown located above 12 o’clock position and also the crown is adorned with a blue sapphire cabochon.

1 Jul

Urwerk UR-103 Joaillerie

Category : Urwerk

       Following the successful concept of the UR-103 watch introduced back in 2003, Martin Frei, the designer from Urwerk, has come up with a sophisticated version of the model, called the new Urwerk UR-103 Joaillerie Watch.

       Following the original concept of the Twintech Watch, Louis Monet proposes now the updated model with a chronograph function that goes by the name of Louis Moinet Twintech Chronograph, an extremely complicated to manufacture watch that’s worth years of technical expertise and know-how in watch-manufacturing.

       The Richard Lange Collection has been extended with the release of the latest A.Lange & Sohne Richard Lange „Referenzuhr“Watch, dedicated to Richard Lange( 1845 – 1932), the son of A.F. Lange who took over the business after his father death, with his brother.