The company known today as Patek Philippe was founded in Geneva and started as a small business put together by two friends: Antoine Norbert de Patek and Francois Czapek. This project lasted only since 1845 but, even though his associate had left, Antoine Norbert de Patek has decided to continue what he started and managed to transform the small business into one of the most appreciated watch labels existing. Nowadays, the owners of the company are Philippe Stern and his son.

         Being the only manufacturer playing by the rules of the Geneva Seal, Patek Philippe has gained world recognition because of the bold, luxurious timepieces launched under the brand’s name. One of the main causes of this creativity that definitely has proven to have no barriers is the fact that the company is family owned. As expected, Patek Philippe takes pride in the continuous growth of the company that came of course as a result of past, present and future generations.

        Standing as proof of the great success of Patek Philippe is the famous clientele that has remained faithful over the years because of the powerful combination of technology and aesthetic excellence. Patek Philippe takes pride in having, over the years, customers such as: Albert Einstein, Charlotte Bronte, Tchaikovsky, Marie Curie, Pope Pius IX, Christian IX the king of Denmark, Victor-Emanuel III the king of Italy, and Hussein Kamal, prince of Egypt.

        The new Patek Philippe 5101R is an improved interpretation of the 5101P that managed at its time to intrigue the audience by revealing a new, futuristic and mostly complicated mechanism that still remains amazing.

        Patek Philippe 5101R has a 2228-20/222 caliber, two mainspring barrels that have the role of storing the energy, a power reserve scale that announces the owner when it’s time to rewind the watch, a process that takes 100 turnings of the crown and a very futuristic case made of 18K gold created with the thought of perfectly match the wrist.

        Patek Philippe 5101R might be a copy of an old watch but, such a great creation should never be forgotten. The decision of the brand to recreate the Patek Philippe 5101P and give it even a more luxurious air was to conquer again and again the hearts of those that were already in love with it.

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