Being the only manufacturer playing by the rules of the Geneva Seal, Patek Philippe has gained world recognition because of the bold, luxurious timepieces launched under the brand’s name. One of the main causes of this creativity that definitely has proven to have no barriers is the fact that the company is family owned. As expected, Patek Philippe takes pride in the continuous growth of the company that came of course as a result of past, present and future generations.

        When it comes to presenting and selling the products, Patek Philippe is definitely a very picky brand. It takes not only professionalism and a pleasant showroom, but also an impressive care towards the customer. So, in order to make sure that you do not buy a copy of the famous brand, make sure that the logo of Patek Philippe is displayed as only those authorized by the company can have it.

        Standing as proof of the great success of Patek Philippe is the famous clientele that has remained faithful over the years because of the powerful combination of technology and aesthetic excellence. Patek Philippe takes pride in having, over the years, customers such as: Albert Einstein, Charlotte Bronte, Tchaikovsky, Marie Curie, Pope Pius IX, Christian IX the king of Denmark, Victor-Emanuel III the king of Italy, and Hussein Kamal, prince of Egypt.

        Patek Philippe Nautilus Watch for Ladies represents a modern interpretation of the old Nautilus collection, and was intentionally modified in order to transform this piece of art from what it was, and that is, stunning to what it became today, sublime. This elegant, precious and luxurious accessory is without doubt more than a watch and one single look will unveil the beautiful story it has to tell.

        Patek Philippe Nautilus Watch for Ladies has a case having a diameter of 32 mm, a E 23 S C caliber, it indicated hours, minutes, seconds and date and may be acquired with astonishing white or pink gold rings, because of the octagonal shape of its bezel.

        The case of Patek Philippe Nautilus Watch for Ladies also comes in two versions and those are white or pink gold. The unchallengeable plus of elegance is added by the 46 diamonds that embellish the bezel, transforming it into a jewel with the properties of a watch.