Patek Philippe is not just a brand of watches dedicated to produce and distribute timepieces as products on the market, but a brand that has put all its talent, artistry, skills and dedication into creating a tradition of watch manufacturing, into making history and into revolutionizing the existing manufacturing techniques. Daring and apt to take risks, the Patek Philippe brand has been trying to improve the watch manufacturing industry and at the same time has tried to maintain the best features of the mechanism belonging to the Geneva Seal. Dedicated to excellence and technical perfection, the designers and manufacturers from Patek Philippe have managed to create some of the most exquisite timepieces of our contemporary market of watches.

        These days, people have learned that even though we live in a word where image is everything, substance will always be sought and appreciated. The Patek Philippe watches represent that successful balance between appearance and substance, between design and technical performance and between tradition and innovation.

        The watch that has been on everybody’s lips in 2008 and whose launching was much expected is called the new Patek Philippe Nautilus, a divinely designed watch that not only displays the most exquisite design features, but it is also equipped with the best and most complicated of technologies. Featuring elements such as diamonds, gold, a moon phase function and many more, this watch is the full embodiment of watch manufacturing artistry, making of a simple wristwatch the perfect timekeeping instrument and at the same time the perfect and most elegant hand accessory.

        The case of the new Patek Philippe Nautilus measures 42 mm in diameter and is crafted from the one of the most expensive materials when it comes to watch manufacturing, which is white gold. The case made of white gold is the perfect background for the 32 encrusted baguette diamonds on its bezel, providing a shining and glamorous aspect. The weight of the diamonds used is impressive, 5.7 carats, and only adds to the self-stated value of this beautiful watch.

        Reminding us of the sea, the color theme of the dial of the new Patek Philippe Nautilus comes on a shade pf dark blue, contrasting perfectly the brilliance of the diamonds. Regarding its technical performance, we can say that the new Patek Philippe Nautilus watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement with a micro-rotor made of 22 carats gold. The main functions the 240 Caliber is generating are: a moon phase function, a date pointer and a 48 hours power reserve indicator, along with the traditional hour and minute functions.

        Following the standard features of watch manufacturing, while still aiming at improving them, the mechanism of the new Patek Philippe Nautilus comes inscribed with the Geneva Seal, a pure statement of excellence and technical performance.

        The case of the watch is covered with sapphire crystal, both the top and the case, and it unites smoothly with a crocodile leather strap maintaining the navy blue color theme.