For the 125th anniversary of the renowned and historic 1883 Lemania calibre watch movement, Paul Picot has created the simply stunning limited edition Gold Atelier Chrono Moonphase Watch.

        While it runs on 21st-century technology on the inside, with manual chronograph movement based on proven PP1680 calibre manufacture, this timepiece is a model of traditional elegance on the outside. As with all watches made in the late nineteenth century, Roman numerals mark the hours on the crisp white watch face. They are distinctively colored, the III and IIII being composed of dark blue and black verticals. The figures become lighter in shade around the face so that the XI and I are a substantially lighter blue. The 12:00 position is noted by a pale blue inverted triangle. The main timekeeping hands are blue, traditionally shaped with needle-pointed ends.

        The seconds circle situated just at the edge of the face is barely visible, so as not to distract from the heritage style of the main dial. Four chronographs composing a perfect quatrefoil make up the center of the face. At top is the moonphase window, with all of the lunar phases shown in gold, separated by a small cluster of gold stars on a rich deep blue sky.

        The moonphase window is set into the date dial. Only the odd-numbered dates are shown, with the even-numbered dates between represented by dot markers. The current date appears as a red numeral, with the rest of the calendar in black. Below it and to the left is the 60-second timer, to the right is the 30 minute chronograph, and at the bottom of the quatrefoil is the months dial. All three of these have a silver-gray ground with slender black numerals and blue hands for easy visibility. Each stands alone on the face, but they are linked together by a guilloche pattern of flared pale gray stripes on the snowy white base. This face is protected by a domed transparent sapphire crystal, with proven shock and scratch resistance. The nonreflective coating renders the face clearly readable in all lighting conditions.

        The solid rose gold case of the Atelier Chrono Lemania Moonphase watch also pays respect to traditional style. The 18-karat rose-gold bezel on the case of the Atelier Chrono Lemania Moonphase, however, is neither glossy nor brushed, but is etched with precise vertical grooves, defined within two slim band rings. On the right side of the case are the crown and chronograph activation buttons, sleek and scaled down to be unobtrusive in appearance but effective in function. The watch is supported by a glove-soft, hand-stitched black alligator leather band with a classic buckle in rose-gold for security and absolute comfort.

        Only one hundred twenty-five Paul Picot Gold Atelier Chrono Moonphase watches were created in 2008. They are sure to rise astronomically in value, so contact a Paul Picot authorized retailer about how you can obtain this exclusively designed timepiece to accompany you on your life’s course.