The revered Paul Picot firm headquartered in Le Normont, Switzerland, celebrates 101 years in the Haute Horlogerie timepiece business with the lively Technograph Discotime, a limited edition watch produced in 2009. Primary colors of red, yellow and blue, with a geometric layout of dials makes the Discotime a novel approach to the artistry of time. The abstract artist Piet Mondrian might have chosen the Technograph Discotime as his wristwatch, as it employs his favorite color palette with dramatic results.

        Housed in a sleek case of top-quality brushed stainless steel, the Technograph Discotime’s watchface has a textured background of black raised squares. This provides great contrast for the intensely colored dials centred horizontally across it. The central time dial is largest with a medium gray background, white fanblade hour hand and white arrow-point minute hand. The sweep second hand is longest, reaching all the way from the centre to the seconds dial set just inside the bezel. Its bright red arrow tip tracks the seconds with precision.

        To the left is the 60-second counter, with bright blue numbers on a white background. This dial is highlighted with arcs of vivid yellow and blue. On the right is the 30-minute counter, controlled by the pushbuttons at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock on the case. On its white background are red numerals separated by black markers. The disc is accented with arcs of red and black.

        At the 6 o’clock position is the date window, a curved rectangular shape showing three dates at once. Yesterday and tomorrow are in black numerals, and today (in the center) is colored in red.

        A slight note of disharmony is introduced by the wide range of numeral shapes on the Technograph Discotime: the seconds circle around the bezel has square stubby numbers in yellow; the central clock’s numbers are a more trendy “digital” shape, also in yellow; the numerals on the two counters are slender and rounded without serifs; and finally the date numbers are tall, traditional, curvy with serifs on the “1” at top and bottom. The only advantage this seems to offer is to differentiate the various functions so the brain can memorize them for quick recognition.

        The Technograph Discotime features a raised crystal of nonreflective transparent sapphire, and has a flat disc of this same material covering the back of the case. The crown is a screw-down type, easy to grasp and turn with its grooved edge. The internal movement is jewelled and fully automatic self-winding. The Technograph Discotime is water-resistant to 100 metres making it ideal for outdoor sports like windsurfing or indoor sports like dancing in a crowded disco. A smooth black leather band edged with white stitching will keep your Technograph Discotime firmly attached and functioning perfectly.

        Only 300 of the imaginatively designed Paul Picot Technograph Discotime watches were made in 2009, so their value will rise quickly. Paul Picot authorized dealers in Europe, North America and Asia carry the Technograph Discotime along with the full line of Paul Picot timepieces.

Paul Picot Technograph Discotime pictures