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Perrelet Diamond Flower A7002 Model

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        The new Perrelet Diamond Flower Prestige Edition Ref. A7002 Model has a sophisticatedly designed dial as to provide a feminine and attractive appearance. The dial of this watch is black and bases its appeal on a flower motif placed in the middle of the dial, making use not only of rose gold, but also of diamond settings as well.


Perrelet Skeleton Chronograph

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        The unique Perrelet Skeleton Chronograph thus presents to you with numerous reasons to buy it for yourself and clasp it on your wrist for a personality that embarks sheer elegance. It is finally your call, which reason you consider most plausible.

Perrelet Diamond Flower Women-s

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        The motive behind the creation of the Diamond Flower Watches by Perrelet is obvious: they wanted a watch that would just stir something up in most hearts, and needless to say, they have been successful in achieving their target. The design of the watches is quite well researched, and the brilliant use of flower petals touches the emotional chords of most.

Perrelet Turbine Double Rotor Titanium

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        The collectors of the watch are sure to admire at the beauty of the movement. The watch comes with black lacquered angles and polished bridges. The manufacturers deserve all praises for having introduced such a marvelous product in the market. The new time piece introduced by the Perrelet is dependable and very stylish luxury watch.

Perellet Tourbillion in Gold and Titanium

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        Apart from it’s aw raising looks, the Perellet Tourbillion in gold and titanium has been endowed with a lot of extra, break – through functionalities that in turn prove it’s overall worth. With a power back up reserve that makes the watch tick on forever a hundred and ten hours straight, the Perellet Tourbillion in gold and titanium has been provided with an additional water resistance till a limit of about fifty feet.

Perrelet Maestro Edition

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      On the basis of two sound complications, the idea was to orchestrate a setting in scene worthy of dynamics and esthetes of Perrelet. A daring bet raised by Perrelet which, joining technology and deploying its invaluable talents with the valorization of its distinctive signs, revolutionizes the traditional ECRIN thus was born Perrelet Maestro Edition.

Perrelet Split-Second

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    Again a Swiss manufacturer takes full attention from all over the world and this time is about Perrelet with the amazing model named Perrelet split-second chronograph. The watch was developed to bring tribute to Louis Frederic Perrelet.