With an impressive tradition in watch manufacturing, the Neuchâtel-based company of Piaget has been bringing it immense contribution ever since the year of its foundation, back in 1874. The Swiss watch manufacturing brand has maintained the strictness of the Swiss tradition regarding technical performance, while adopting new designs inspired by the passion and talent of its designers. Talented people working for Piaget have proposed over the years unbelievably beautiful and innovative designs, which have made of this brand a luxury watch brand, with an original manner of approaching sophistication.

        The company founded by George Piaget in 1874 has come to be regarded as a top watch making brand, with successful collections over successful collections, collections that feature amazing timepieces which in time have managed to defy the canons of traditional watch manufacturing through their complicated movements and innovative functions. The new timepiece we’re presenting today is internationally recognized for its simple, yet elegant approach of design and has been validated by the Montres Passion Magazine, the best watch of the year 2008.

        Characterized by unique slimness, the Piaget Altiplano Eccentric Small Seconds watch features a case measuring 40 mm in diameter and only 2.5 mm in thickness. The amazing slimness of the case provides a vintage aspect to the watch, that although is slim it is equipped with a progressive technical movement that in normal situation would require extra space. The case was manufactured from 18 carats white gold, material specific to most of the watches presented by Piaget and is accompanied by a really slim bezel.

        The dial of this Piaget Altiplano Eccentric Small Seconds watch is extremely simple and it’s contrasting with the black hands and the Roman numerals used as hour markers. The small seconds counter is displayed in the upper left side of the dial, between 9 and 10 o’clock, through a discreet sub-dial. Another detail worth mentioning is the logo of Piaget inscribed at the 3 o’clock position.

        Although its design means 75% of its appeal, the Piaget Altiplano Eccentric Small Seconds watch is equipped with a powerful movement that couldn’t leave a watch connoisseur indifferent. The movement is defined as the Caliber 838P, a movement which can provide apart from traditional functions, 60 hours of power reserve.

        The black alligator leather strap accompanying the case is exactly what this refined and simple watch needed, managing to complete wonderfully the whole design of the watch. The Piaget Altiplano Eccentric Small Seconds watch can be acquired for $10,000.00 or can reach up to $15,000.00.

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