The Neuchâtel-based company of Piaget has been bringing it immense contribution to the watch manufacturing tradition ever since the year of its foundation, back in 1874. The Swiss watch manufacturing brand has maintained the strictness of the Swiss tradition regarding technical performance, while adopting new designs inspired by the passion and talent of its designers. Talented people working for Piaget have proposed over the years unbelievably beautiful and innovative designs, which have made of this brand a luxury watch brand, with an original manner of approaching sophistication.

        Ingenious technical complications and unique and extravagant designs have always been the core values of the renowned brand of Piaget, values that even today make up the entire design concept of this brand. With a particular interest in design, Piaget presented in 2009 a collection of timepieces that seem unreal in a world where routine and kitsch have become more and more rooted. The new Piaget Limelight Exceptional Collection is out of the ordinary and leaves the watch enthusiasts breathless at its sight, because of the radiant and beautiful timepieces presented. Our particular attention has been drawn by two models included in this collection, models which are referred to as Piaget Limelight REF G0A34133 and Piaget Limelight REF G0A34135.

        Both models are more than spectacular and present designs that no woman would say no to, designs characterized by the finest choice of materials put together in the most exquisite shapes. Defined by sophistication, the design of these timepieces is based on diamond adornments and interesting and complicated shapes that stir up the imagination.

         The first model, Piaget Limelight REF G0A34133, features an 18 carats white gold case which is very delicate in size. The amazing artistry of its design was achieved by applying 5 ribbons made of white gold and adorned with diamonds that intertwine and provide its owner with a vision of jewelry, rather than that of a timepiece. The dial of the watch is white, with no hour markers, except for the 3 and 9 o’clock position, with white gold hands and two diamond adorned lines imitating the straps covering the case. The new Piaget Limelight REF G0A34133 makes use of 437 baguette cut diamonds which have been each manually set on the surface of this amazing timepiece.

        The other model, Piaget Limelight REF G0A34135, approaches a more elaborated design theme, by making used of a distinctive shape and distinctive ways of cutting the diamonds used for its adornment. This watch presents not just one dial, but two, one being completely covered in diamonds, while the other displaying mother-of-pearl color theme.

        Both the models presented under the Piaget Limelight Exceptional Collection are equipped with a 56P quartz movement and have prices starting from the modest sum of 400,000 US Dollars and reaching up to $ 1,000,000.00.

Piaget Limelight Exceptional Collection REF G0A34133 and REF G0A34135 Pictures Gallery