The monuments of these two cities, true architectural icons offer to us reasons of imagination and style. These two capitals of the world also post recognizable styles between all, irresistibly urban and females. The towns of Paris and New York were for the creators and craftsmen of Piaget Limelight Paris-New York a captivating source of inspiration, they illustrate the entire genius of the jeweler and watch maker in the Piaget Limelight Paris-New York Watch.

      Piaget took as a starting point two emblematic construction the city of love: the Eiffel Tower and the Large Wheel the place of the Harmony.

      Perfectly and fairy-like, the Large Wheel is the pretext of amusing variations. Watches with parts and jewels moving, with small diamond baskets suspended on the rotary table, recall the genius of them.
Inspiring by a sensual and extremely female seam, Piaget Limelight Paris-New York dares to take the name, “sexy one”. Creations take again the laces of the corsets which are tied or are untied with delight. A voluptuous and a smart interpretation of these insane Parisian nights, a collar of ruby and sapphires pink imitate the faces ribbons, which are given up to a non challenging face on a low neckline.
In the same glamour spirit, Piaget signs a fabulous watch cuff, object emblematic and recurring in the history of the mark. Entirely paved diamonds, the Piaget Limelight Paris-New York equips the wrist with light. It evokes a luxurious corset, delicately laced by a diamond ribbon cuts square and also present them in a version ribbon of colored satin.

      Piaget chooses to retain two icons of the American dream: the Chrysler Building and the Statue of Freedom in New York.

      A spectacular ornament puts in scene a collar, earrings whose design takes again with an exceptional control, the illuminated roof of the building of style Art Déco to the purified lines and irresistibly graphics. The variation of this ornament in blue sapphire and diamond pimples, boldly underlines the point of the mystical skyscraper and shines of glare, like lights coloring a night sky.

      Reason for pendent, or face earrings of watch, the graphics of the seven points of the diadem of the Statue of Freedom symbolize the seven oceans. Latter, inaugurated in 1886 and offered by France for the birthday of the independence of the United States, was carried out by Bartholdi in collaboration with Gustave Eiffel for his metal frame. Entirely paved diamonds, the box of the Piaget Limelight Paris-New York makes the lights of the invaluable stones at the enviable rhythm of this city which never sleeps.

      Piaget chooses to take as a starting point the reef knots and the ribbons to confer a pace very to them. Black lines and diamonds are here with the honor.

      These creations are declining the colors and are translated into black and white of one evening new yorkiest, tandems that charming reef knots decorate watches and jewels with a discrete elegance.
Black tourmaline always, but also black spinal cut in pearls so devotement can be shown faceted that they sparkle like stars on this long saltier, a collar dances freely around the hand retained by a great bow tie of diamonds, itinerant of thousand fires.

Piaget Limelight Paris-New York Pictures