Since always the name of Piaget Watch Manufacture has been known for their association with the world of polo. The story takes life in the year of 1979 when Piaget created the first watch dedicated entirely to sport and the name of this watch is Piaget Polo. Even if the watch was created for sport and was inspired also by it, the gold and the design of the watch become very demanded between the stars. The greatness of it is that the bracelet and the case of the watch were created from a single piece so the design lines where continuous along the wrist. So the Piaget remains known to the world thanks to it superior design and also because of the gold watches lovers that really make the Piaget watches more demanding on the world

     The 2009 model came to the market among with the 30th anniversary of what it is an amazing collection and the watch was named Piaget Polo Forty Five and there are made in white gold. The new model copies the 1979 one and is also made from an entire piece of gold. Because the Piaget Firm has tried to create a strong model that can resist at shocks and pulls for the polo sport it actually accomplish an outstanding model for a luxury night or for a famous reception.

     Because of the one piece construction the watch is very resistant to water but in the same time it needs a very small “engine” that can be extremely prices, because our days watches require such a standard, but in the same time elegant and without any special needs because no one wants a watch that must be turn every five hours or needs a battery change in only three months. So the Piaget have to come up with to new “hearts” because they have created two models of the Polo FortyFive one that is a little bigger then the other and it is meant for men and another round and small for woman. For the men model they have created a Piaget 534P mechanical part that also is the propelling of the watch and the amazing thing about it is that it has only 0.5 millimeters thick. For the women model they opted for a quartz movement called 690P with the same thickness just like the men model.

     When it cams to resistance and water proof systems the Piaget Polo FortyFive is in the higher rank of the watches. It has a great advantage because the belt is one and the same with the case so some parts of the watch don’t need extra garnishes and only the back side of the watch needs to be reinforcing with them. For the glass and the indicators the Piaget engineers did not create a special bezel in the case and surprising for all of us they actual find out along some serious tests, that is better to actually adhere the sapphire crystal glass to the case with the help of a special acrylic resin. This will not affect the structure of the case and also because the axel of the indicators is protected against water not even if the glass of the watch is become unstable and present some real danger of falling off, the watch will still be protected against water and with some service is required the watch will be back on your hand almost immediately.

     The only problem with the 2009 model the Piaget Polo FortyFive is that it cames only in 150 pieces and the sales for it has begin at the start of the year.

     The warranty of the watch is for 15 years with the possibility to change it with another after 7 years has passed, of course the watch can be change with another model from Piaget not whit the one you already have.