Manufacture Eterna, licensee Porsche Design since 1998, developed and manufactured in its workshops a module of special movement grafted on the gauge ETA Valgranges A 07.111, intended for Porsche Design World timer P’ 6750.

       This module makes it possible to add to this movement a function GMT. The three needles in the center of the dial thus post the hour of the time zone in which one is. On discs turning under the dial, the movement posts moreover, in two counters, a place of reference and the hour corresponding to this time zone. The second time zone turns in a way synchronized with the principal hour of the watch.

       Eterna presented at the time of the living room of the clock industry and the jeweler Basel world 2007 for the first time Porsche Design World timer P’ 6750. The new chronometer of Porsche Design posts simultaneously the hours of two different time zones. An additional crown with integrated push rod allows an easy adjustment of the universal time. The adjustment of the place of reference can be modified using the crown placed at two hours. In order to transfer the hour from the second time zone on the needles, it is enough to press the push rod integrated in the crown located at two hours.

       During the modifications of time zone, the automatic movement continues to function without interruption; thus no second of the setting per hour of origin is lost. Obvious abbreviations are used for the designation of the towns of reference. These abbreviations are explained by an engraving on the back of the watch.

       The crown placed at four hours is used for the adjustment of the needles of the minutes and the hours for the center. It also allows the reassembly of the watch. The decorative structure in “wire nails” of the crowns does not have an only aesthetic goal: it also facilitates the catch of the fingers on the crowns.

       The design of Porsche Design World timer P’ 6750 consists of simple cylindrical forms which mark the shape of the titanium case: the material characteristic of Porsche Design. The typography, the design and the colors of the dials underline the functionality of the watch. In addition to the titanium checkmate case, there is also a covered titanium version of black Developing Country.
These two versions are equipped with black rubber bracelets, whose interior face is shaped by a reason for longitudes and latitudes. Comfort with carrying is some improved, because the air can thus circulate between the skin and the bracelet. The deploying loop of the bracelet is also out of titanium.
Porsche Design is one of the first marks of luxury in the sector of the accessories of high range for men.

       The mark Porsche Design was founded in 1972 by professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, with which the products are synonymous since then of design functional, timeless and of a great purity, and who convince by their technical innovations. The products Porsche Design are distributed in the whole world, exclusively in shops Porsche Design, stores frankness’s, shops-in-shops prestigious department stores and exclusive specialized trade.
        Timeless, functional, purified, P’6750 carries the signature clearly of PORSCHE DESIGN. The simple cylindrical forms characterize the new case, and the choice of materials is quite as typical. Titanium gives a lightness particular to the case of a diameter of 45 Misters. Moreover, titanium resists corrosion and it is antimagnetic. This model is also declined in a version pink checkmate 18 carats, more luxurious and more elegant gold.

Porsche Design Worldtimer P’6750 Pictures