21 May

Nabucco Cuore Caldo

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     Nabucco cuore caldo is the new exceptional part of Raymond Weil. The Swiss clock and watch maker presents in preview, at the time of Basel world 2008, this double stop watch with indicator of reserve of walk, a first in the history of the Detached house.
Nabucco cuore caldo stopwatch catching up with indicator of reserve of walk only published with 500 specimens (each part being numbered from 001/500 to 500/500 with the back of box) consolidates the bonds which link Raymond Weil with the universe of the stop watches and mechanical male watch.

     This chronometer takes again the charismatic design of the collection Nabucco (46 mms diameter), its sealing with 200 irreproachable meters and its completions. As many convergent factors which make already the international success of this collection and will ensure that of this part of exception.

     Nabucco cuore caldo becomes animated under a mechanical movement with automatic reassembly stop watch, ETA Bi-comp ax 7750, on which came to be added two complications: catching up with, a first in the history of Raymond Weil, and the indicator of reserve of 42 hours walk. The use of a movement ETA Bi-comp ax allowed the designers and engineers Raymond Weil to associate in a lucid way, the indicator of reserve of walk to 6h30 with the meters 30 minutes with 3h and 60 seconds with 9h.

     Single and exclusive part, Nabucco cuore caldo proposes an innovative and daring partition where intermingle with subtlety, the modernity of steel, lightness of the titanium and carbon fiber, without forgetting the heat and the refinement of pink gold 18 karats. The black dial checker work effect is sheltered under glass 2.5 mm thickness sapphire with anti-reflecting treatment doubles face.

     The rubber bracelet vulcanized with black leather inserts is provided with deploying loop steel with double push rod of safety to ensure a perfect comfort carrying.

     The beauty of the heart of the watch is appreciated through a bottom screwed out of titanium, raised of glass sapphire letting appear the delicate completion of the decorations of the movement rates/rhythms between Cots of Geneva and fine pelage.
The stop watch with catching up with: measure of an intermediate time; the stop watch with catching up with makes it possible to time an intermediate time. In order to measure this last, it is enough to actuate the pushbutton on the crown with 3h by a simple pressure which causes the stopping of the needle of catching up with whereas the needle of stop watch continues its race. This mechanism allows a time of observation of the passed period, then after having actuated the push rod again, the needle catches up with the second hand, from where the name of catching up with.
     Raymond Weil launches its first line of accessories and instruments of writing.
The Swiss clock and watch maker presents at the time of the launching of the limited series Nabucco cuore caldo of the male accessories of luxury, a first for the Mark.
     A luxurious box accommodates each limited edition of the Nabucco cuore caldo supplied with an elegant pair of cufflinks of grooved round form, out of steel and plated pink gold with carbon fiber and of a pen roller brass/carbon fiber. The cap and the body of this instrument of writing are glossed with carbon fiber inserts. Each end raises the monogram of the pink gold Mark plated, to point out invaluable material used for the Nabucco cuore caldo, pink gold 18 Karats.

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