Covering all targets of customers, from people interested in elegance and sophistication, to those interested in sports and functionality, Roger Dubuis has been there for its fans, creating timepieces of unique design, while maintaining high the standards of technical performance. Roger Dubuis is a relatively new brand on the market, but given its passion for watch manufacturing, there won’t be long until people will refer to this brand as one of the pioneering brands of the 21st century in terms of technical movement and exquisite design. True to its core values of excellence, Roger Dubuis has only presented timepieces that fit the highest requirements of watch connoisseurs worldwide and watch manufacturers as well.

        In an industry where competition is crucial, apparently Roger Dubuis has not only made room for its timepiece-releases, but has also managed to create itself a good reputation in such short time. The watches presented by Roger Dubuis are very appealing in terms of design, because, let’s face it; we are living times where image is everything. The best part about the Roger Dubuis watches is that they are not void of essence and that all their mechanisms display amazing technical features that could compete with brands of watch manufacturing established centuries ago and who enjoy a long lasting tradition in watch making.

        The Roger Dubuis King Square Ladies Rose Gold Diamonds Watch is an extremely feminine timepieces meant to thrill the good taste of women. Approaching an extravagant design, given the diamond adornments, this new timepiece seems to be the best wrist accessory a woman of our modern times could wish for.

        The new Roger Dubuis King Square Ladies Rose Gold Diamonds Watch features a rectangular case with a proportion of 36 mm made of titanium, a material that although is rough, it has been manufactured as to offer flexibility to the wrist. The bezel surrounding the case uses diamond adornments, which are placed discreetly in a line of two rows. The diamonds from the bezel match those positioned on the dial, providing a glamorous and glittering look.

        The white dial was perfectly chosen to match the white strap of the watch, and the whole feminine pure white appearance. The dial of the new Roger Dubuis King Square Ladies Rose Gold Diamonds Watch features red detailing, for the hour markers and the hour and minute hands. Four Roman numerals indicate the main positions of the watch, 12, 3, 6 and 9, while the famous logo of the Roger Dubuis brand is inscribed under the 12 o’clock position.

        Regarding its technical performance, you would be surprised to find out that this extremely elegant timepiece can offer a 50 m water resistance, along with 48 hours of power reserve. The movement is self-winding and provides the main functions of a watch, without any particular complications of date, chronograph, and so on.

        The new Roger Dubuis King Square Ladies Rose Gold Diamonds Watch is available on a white rubber strap, matching the dial and the brilliance of the diamond adornments.