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Rolex GMT Master II

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In 1905 the watch constructor Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law Alfred Davis create a company named “Wilsdorf and Davis” in London. In the year 1908 the brand was registered under the name of Rolex and then in 1919 was moved to Geneva where the name changes into Montres Rolex Inc.
Even if the entire luxury brand from the watch industry is present on a world scale market the Rolex remains the most know and more fascinated from all of them. With a history of over 100 years Rolex means more then a luxury accessory. It means tradition, performance and elegance.
From the various models that Rolex Company offers us on the market our attention is drown by a fascinating model called Rolex GMT Master II.
The Master II was created, in the beginning, for the air plane pilots and its purpose was in assisting the fly attendant to help the pilots in the transcontinental flights. The case of the watch is made from strong 18 karats gold with great insertions in the sides or near the glass of the watch. Its diameter measures 40 millimeters and came with various colors for the front or the back side. The watch is mechanical and it needs only the wining of your arm to recharge. It also shows us the hours, minutes, seconds, 2 time zones, and it cams whit a warranty of 8 years.
The Rolex GMT II is not easy to use but whit the right direction (that came with the watch when bought) it can become a useful tool not only for the pilots but also for any people that lives in this modern times.
There are some special characteristics that you must know in order to make your Rolex more perfectly and more accurate, but you will also appreciate the watch more if you just run the following steps:
– first time when you get the watch and you want to set the date and hour you must turn the crown (it doesn’t matter in what direction) but this feature will allow you to set the watch in forward mode or backward mode. This feature is unique and can be found only in the Rolex models, the other watch model can suffer serious damage if you make them to run backwards.
– when you set your date and hour the Rolex has the great property as it keeps running inside them, other watches stop when we set our hour, but the Rolex whit its great ability to still keep count of second you can set the exact time and date. If you want to set your 24 hours mode you can stop the Rolex from working and this gives him a great performance and ability.
– if you set the correct date you can cheek in a simple mode. Rolex doesn’t change the date by the hour, this means that it we change the hour exactly at 12 o clock midnight, and that is a great way to verify your current settings of the watch.
If this has not convince you to buy the new Rolex GMT II just think of it as in Rolex way, a watch that never brooks and always show you the correct time and date even if you are on other points on the world.
The price for this Rolex GMT Master II is about 22000 euros but it can easily reach 40000 euros if you require some diamond insertions or some platinum support or case. The importance and also a advantage is that you can custom this watch for your lifestyle.
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