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Seiko Ladies Coutura

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         The new timepiece released on the market by Seiko goes by the name of Seiko Ladies Coutura Watch, a brilliant timepiece in every aspect due to its 55 Diamonds applied on it. As design has always be a top priority for the designers from Seiko, this timepiece recreates ..


Seiko Quartz Astron Vintage

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        Seiko has many reasons to be proud of the achievements realized by the brand and it also had many reasons to celebrate its history. The Seiko Quartz Astron Watch is part of Seiko’s contribution to this industry of watch manufacturing, being the first quartz timepiece introduced on the market.


Seiko Premier Kinetic Chronograph

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        The Seiko Premier Kinetic Chronograph Watch is remarkable because apart from its outstanding design, it features one of the most progressive technical movements, based on Kinetic technology which doesn’t require any batteries. The Seiko Premier Kinetic ..


Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Chronograph

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        The new model introduced by Seiko goes by the name of Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Chronograph Watch and it’s not just a beautiful sporty watch, but also an extremely functional one too. The design is what firstly attracts your attention at the new ..


Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive

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         The Seiko Velatura Collection was extended in 2007 by the introduction of 11 models who were presenting 4 different kinetic quartz movements. A particular model managed to draw our attention, with its amazing sporty design and its extremely accurate functions.


Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk

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         Trips to space have become more and more common and so, Seiko wanted to experiment with the traditional watch manufacturing techniques to create something more than just an ordinary watch, a timepiece that could be worn under the most unusual of circumstances.


2009 Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer

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    In the year of 2009 the collection embraces five new models but the most remarkable of them is the Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer. This watch is meant to be the most perfect watch for sailors but also a powerful water proof piece.

2009 Seiko Premier Collection

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    In the year of 2009, Seiko Company has improved the Premier Collection, a collection already known al over the world, with 18 new pieces and also with some new caliber designs. The new pieces that where introduce into the collection are characterized also by the elegance but in the same time by strength and resistance.

Seiko Keen Green

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    Seiko Keen Green belongs to a total new line of watches created especially for the U.S. Military. The Keen Green is a tribute to al of the air force members that have lost their life in the Second World War but its properties are made and customize for the use of today modern warfare. The watch is totally in a green color and it is robust, created to resist in the worst condition of the planet like the air force military guys are.

Seiko Spring Drive Collection

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Conceived 28 years ago, the Seiko Spring Drive concept was designed having the entire mechanical watches technology as a basic foundation, it can provide the temporal accuracy equivalent to +/- 1 second per day due to its mainspring which uses a time regulation revolutionary system and due to its glide motion hands which make it very silent.