4 February

Stowa Antea 365

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        Established back in 1927, so without an impressive history in watch manufacturing, STOWA has managed to attain the highest standards in watch manufacturing, by proposing remarkable and modern timepieces on the market. Usually successful, every collection introduced by STOWA presents timepieces with personality, with interesting, yet simple design lines that work as magnets for the enthusiastic audience of watch lovers. The line defined as the STOWA Antea Collection embraces a classy appearance, with its vintage lines that bring a certain touch of nostalgia to whoever may be interested in the watches from this collection.

        Amongst the remarkable timepieces that make up the Antea line we can mention the STOWA Antea 365 Model, a timepiece that impresses not only through amazing functionality, but also through its impeccable design. This watch follows the same aesthetic pattern of all Antea watches, classy and smooth design in a thin case, almost approaching a vintage appearance.

        The Stowa Antea 365 Model features a case of 36.50 mm made entirely of stainless steel, with a thickness of 9.30 mm. The difference between the Antea 365 model and the Antea Kleine Secunde watch resides in its dial, as the new Antea 365 model displays a date window at 6 o’clock, while the other watch displays a sub-dial for the seconds function.

        The silvery dial of the new Antea 365 model provides the traditional functions of time, showing the hour, minute and second with the help of blue steel hands, and it also displays Arabic numerals as hour markers. The date window is located above the six o’clock, which adds extra functionality and reliability to the watch. The fact that this watch displays the function of a calendar, in a way justifies the name of the watch as well, hinting to the days of the year, 365.

        The movement equipping the new STOWA Antea 365 watch is based on a rotor of German silver, assuring the main functions of the watch and the date complication as well. This movement can be seen through the transparent case back of the watch, putting an end to the curiosity of the watch enthusiasts. The logo of STOWA is inscribed on the movement, assuring the watch connoisseurs of the genuine quality of such piece. Both the case back and the case top of the watch are covered with scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and characterized by amazing solidness as to resist shocks or accidents.

        This watch is available just like the other timepieces of this collection on a leather strap made exclusively in Gremany for the STOWA watches or on a Milanaise stainless steel bracelet, for a more sophisticated and elegant design.

        The most appealing element at this watch, apart from its exquisite design and amazing functionality, is its price being estimated to 500 euros.

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