7 February

STOWA Antea Kleine Secunde

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        Even though it is not Swiss developed, the STOWA brand of watches competes with some of the most powerful brands in the watch making industry both because of its uniquely designed movements and for its classy and timeless exterior designs. What started in 1927 as a small family business, set up by Walter Storz, has reached nowadays the heights of a watch manufacturing empire, with collections that introduced landmark timepieces for the watch manufacturing tradition. Always taking things seriously, the movements made by STOWA are of the highest quality and present innovative functions, all sheltered by the most appealing and simple designs.

        One of the most successful lines released by STOWA is the Antea Collection, with timepieces characterized by vintage designs, made up of simple lines and without any extraordinary exterior adornments. The Art Deco design seems to work just fine for this collection, being appreciated even in our modern times and the fact that this line bases its mechanism on the Bauhaus movement can only impress the watch connoisseurs. One of the pieces de resistance of this Antea Collection is the new Antea Kleine Secunde Watch, a watch peculiar to this collection and which displays the same minimalist look as its fellow brothers.

        The STOWA Antea Kleine Secunde Watch bases its name on the function of the small seconds which is displayed in a sub-dial, just a few mm above 6 o’clock. The name of Kleine Secunde comes from the German “small seconds”, justifying its name.

        The round case of the new Antea Kleine Secunde Watch measures 35.50 mm in diameter and is surrounded by a robust vintage bezel, both the case and the bezel are made of stainless steel. The vintage look is given by the slimness of the case which only measures 6.80 mm and reinforced by the simplicity of the design of the watch.

        The case features a whitey dial inscribed with minute markers and Arabic numerals for the hours, the contrast being achieved by the blue color chosen for the hour and minute hands, which are made of steel. While the minute and hour functions are indicated through these blue steel hands, the seconds are displayed in the small sub-dial above the 6 o’clock position. The dial also features an inscription of the STOWA brand under the 12 0’clock position and also an indication of the logo of the brand “made in Germany” on the lower part of the bezel.

        Specific to the Antea Collection is its technical performance of the new Antea Kleine Secunde Watch based on the Bauhaus movement, which is hand-would and provides all the necessary functions of telling the time. Uncomplicated indeed, this movement is yet extremely accurate and perfectly reliable.

        This watch is available on many strap variations, from leather straps on various colors to a stainless steel bracelet made in a Milanaise style. For the versions featuring light brown, dark brown or black crocodile leather strap, the customers have to pay an extra fee of 100 euros to the regular price of almost 500 euros.

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