8 March

STOWA Flieger Automatic

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        A company that has known how to put equal emphasis on both functionality and design, STOWA is still amongst the top brands on the market, offering amazing timepieces in a distinctive and powerful design. A timepiece by STOWA is easily recognizable due to its classy, non-opulent appearance, the designers from STOWA being able to brag themselves with creating a unique design in this over-competitive industry.

        The collection titled Flieger by STOWA was especially designed in a sporty manner to meet the requirements of pilots, by presenting a dial extremely legible and visible, regardless day or night conditions. The design of the STOWA Flieger Automatic Watch doesn’t stray much from the main design features of the rest of the timepieces presented by this brand, and it features a round stainless steel case, an extremely simple dial and obviously a simple matching strap.

        The stainless steel case of the STOWA Flieger Automatic Watch measures 40 mm in diameter, being especially created for men. The proportion of the case hints to a masculine sporty appearance that is actually softened by the slimness of the case, being only 10.20 thick.

        Just like the other watches presented by STOWA this one too embraces a discreet look, with a black dial featuring Arabic numerals to indicate the hours and blue steel hands, every detailing from this watch being luminescent coated. The fact that the designers have chosen a black dial to contrast with the luminescent hour markers, hands and Arabic numerals is not random at all, as they wanted to achieve the best visibility for pilots, no matter if it were day or night. The plan was successfully achieved, and apart from the obvious functional aspect of its legibility, they have managed to create an elegant beautiful contrast as well.

        Activating the amazing STOWA Flieger Automatic Watch is a movement defined as the ETA 2824-2, which can be seen through the transparent case back of the watch. The movement features a STOWA inscribed rotor, adding a touch of technical excellence to the mechanism. The movement provides the traditional functions of hour, minute and second, but on request, this movement can be replaced with a C.O.S.C certified mechanism by paying an extra price.

        Accompanying the case of the STOWA Flieger Automatic Watch is a simple, unadorned strap that can be available on two versions; one made of leather but treated as to offer an old, shabby aspect, while the other is made of regular leather. A special version is also available, but very rarely requested, on stainless steel. All strap versions measure 20 mm. The new STOWA Flieger Automatic Watch is available at a price of 530 euros, or up to 740 American dollars.

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