26 March

STOWA Marine Automatic

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        Definitely a respectable brand of watch manufacturing, STOWA is yet writing its successful story. In an over-competitive industry such is that of watch making, STOWA has managed to make a name, by introducing functional timepieces, in simple and very wearable designs, not to mention that the prices are actually affordable.

        The Marine Collection introduced by STOWA in 2007 has been enjoying a great deal of popularity amongst the watch enthusiasts, with the release of the STOWA Marine Original watch and the STOWA Marine Automatic Watch. The only difference between these watches is that the latter has an additional date function, located at 6 o’clock.

        The STOWA Marine Automatic watch maintains the design pattern of the Marine Collection, by approaching a simple, uncomplicated design. The STOWA watches are usually referred as vintage, as the first design introduced back in 1927, is still maintained nowadays in its softest lines, adding a touch of personality to the STOWA timepieces.

        Having respect for the tradition of the brand has always been crucial for the designers from STOWA, so no one is surprised when seeing the same design over and over again, only slightly modified by the addition of extra functions or other strap versions.

        The STOWA Marine Automatic watch comprises of a stainless steel case measuring 41 mm in diameter and a white dial with simple detailing. The perfect legibility of the dial is assured by the color applied on the Arabic numerals, black, contrasting beautifully with the white dial. The dial, apart from showing the traditional functions of a watch, also displays a date window located at 6 o’clock. To STOWA logo is also indispensable and it’s rendered under the 12 o’clock position.

        In terms of technical performance, the designers from Stowa have always preferred a functional and reliable movement, without many complications that would end up ruining the simple, vintage aspect of the watch. This time the designers have chosen for the STOWA Marine Automatic watch a hand wound Unitas 6498 movement that can perform apart from the main functions of hour, minute and second, a date function as well.

        The straps available for this watch are: a dark brown leather strap sewn with white thread and folded with a stainless steel clasp matching the case, and also a more sophisticated bracelet, made of Milanaise stainless steel.

        The price for this STOWA Marine Automatic watch, without any further modifications, is of 500 euros.

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