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STOWA Marine Automatic

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         The STOWA Marine Automatic watch maintains the design pattern of the Marine Collection, by approaching a simple, uncomplicated design. The STOWA watches are usually referred as vintage, as the first design introduced back in 1927, is still maintained ..


STOWA Flieger Automatic

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        The design of the STOWA Flieger Automatic Watch doesn’t stray much from the main design features of the rest of the timepieces presented by this brand, and it features a round stainless steel case, an extremely simple dial and obviously a simple matching strap.


STOWA Marine Original

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         The watch that has managed to draw a lot of attention in 2007 is the new STOWA Marine Original Watch, an impressive timepiece made sailors and sailing activities. The STOWA Marine Original Watch uses a hand wound Unitas 6498 movement that provides the standard functions of time, the ..


STOWA Antea Kleine Secunde

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         One of the pieces de resistance of Stowa Antea Collection is the new Antea Kleine Secunde Watch, a watch peculiar to this collection and which displays the same minimalist look as its fellow brothers. The STOWA Antea Kleine Secunde Watch bases its name on the function of the ..


STOWA Flieger Airman Automatic

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         The star-timepiece of the Flieger Collection is the Flieger Automatic Watch or simply the Airman Automatic, a watch that fits the design of the rest presented under this collection, the only detail of differentiation being restricted to its date function, displayed through a small window at 6 o’clock.


Stowa Antea 365

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         Amongst the remarkable timepieces that make up the Antea line we can mention the STOWA Antea 365 Model, a timepiece that impresses not only through amazing functionality, but also through its impeccable design. This watch follows the same aesthetic pattern of all Antea watches..


Stowa Airman Unlimited Version

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Stowa Airman Unlimited Version is one of the direct descendents of the 1930s models, it is characterized by the same sobriety and same classy design lines, over the years it has lost many of its retro features but, on the other hand, it has become more precise, more functional and more fitted to be called a third millennium watch.