The iconic American jewelry manufacture Tiffany&Co opened its doors in 1837 and ever since that year the famous brand has worked in the service of elegance, sophistication and style. Following Tiffany&Co’s leadership in jewelry, the famous brand of watches, Patek Philippe has paid its tribute to watch manufacturing world, by creating timepieces that would pass the test of time.

        The partnership between these two brands didn’t came as a surprise to anybody, as famous partnerships worldwide have proven to be huge successes, engaging not only big names, but also extremely valuable products.


        This partnership between Tiffany&Co and Patek Phillipe concluded with the opening of a Patek Philippe Salon in the iconic Flagship Store in New York. It is in the interest of both brands to create something of such grandeur, managing to cover all segments of elegance, both jewelry and watches.

        The location of the new Salon is what brands refer to as brilliant, in a crowded, yet well renowned place, between the 5th Avenue and 57th street. Characterized by majesty, the new Salon, which is incorporated in the Tiffany’s Flagship Store, will display some of the best timepieces created and promoted by Patek Philippe.

        Measuring 3,000 square feet, the Salon is designed to reflect the grandeur of the Patek Philippe brand and provides space enough to offer shelter to all those exquisitely designed wristwatches. Definitely frequented by celebrities and people with sophisticated taste, the Salon will rise to the occasion and will prove to be not only a good investment, but also a fruitful partnership.

        When people hear words such as New York, Tiffany’s, and Patek Philippe in one context, they really don’t need to know why these names are brought together, all they can think of is adjectives, excellence, sophistication and extremely good taste. It’s definitely a place for those who can afford it, but most of all; it is a place that will soon become history in the tradition of the two brands, and in the tradition of New York City.

        Just like all big names, brands can shape people’s perception, can educate the masses’ taste and can rise up the standards. The partnership between Tiffany&Co and Patek Philippe shows people the alternative to kitsch, ordinary, disgraceful and fake, it gives people the opportunity to see beyond image and fake appearances, as at the new Salon Patek Philippe they are presented with the importance of substance and quality. The watches designed by Patek Philippe are proof of the brand’s international notoriety, as they display only the best of materials, the best of designs and definitely the best of mechanisms. Masterpieces of Haute Horlogerie, the watches released on the market by Patek Philippe, didn’t deserve a better place than Tiffany’s Flagship Store in New York.