The watch manufacturing industry makes room every year for young brands that seem to propose a different vision than the traditional one, either be it of design or of technical performance and that want to revolutionize the watch manufacturing tradition with an innovative spirit and an ardent desire to succeed.

        The new-comer TX brand established 5 years ago its goal to achieve perfection in watch manufacturing, by trying to create timepieces that would prove that excellence has nothing to do with history, and that there are timepieces that don’t need a prestigious name behind them to show their true value. Excellence in watch manufacturing is measured not in the years of existence of a particular brand, but in the watch making expertise and know-how of the people behind that brand. TX Watch Company has proven its full dedication to this field of activity and we expect this brand to enjoy a great deal of popularity in the following years.

        One of the top collections introduced by TX Watch Company goes by the name of TX 300 Series Perpetual Calendar Watch Line, an extremely contemporary line that embraces an urban, yet classy appearance. The timepieces included in this collection represent the perfect combination between the Italian aesthetic values of design and the rigorous watch making standards of the German watch manufacturing.

        The design proposed by TX Watch Company for this outstanding collection is embraced by no less than 10 timepieces, 10 model variations. Quite seductive, these timepieces follow the standards of our society when it comes to indispensable technical functions and design. Appropriate to wear at work, or at special occasions, the new TX 300 Series Perpetual Calendar Watch Line fit the speedy lifestyle of the youngsters nowadays and that of the people more oriented to classy designs and serious outfits as well.

        The timepieces included in the TX 300 Series Perpetual Calendar Watch Line present the enthusiasts with a design hard to ignore featuring a 45 mm in diameter case crafted from stainless steel. This material assures the required resistance for the protection of the mechanism, its construction allowing also 100 m of water resistance.

        Under the roundly-shaped case of the new TX 300 Series Perpetual Calendar Watch there’s a functional and reliable Quartz movement that works on Panasonic batteries. Even though it works on batteries, the owner shouldn’t worry about charging or replacing them for about 4 years time. The mechanism equipping this watch offers a desirable perpetual calendar function displayed beautifully on the dial.

        Depending on the version, the new TX 300 Series Perpetual Calendar Watch can be available on brown, black, red and many other colors, and the watches come accompanied by stainless steel bracelets or leather straps.

        The dial of the watches offers clarity with the main functions presented traditionally through central hands, while the functions of the perpetual calendar include an arch from 3 to 6 o’clock presenting the months of the year and another one from 9 to 12 o’clock presenting the days of the week. The TX 300 Series Perpetual Calendar Watches can be purchased for no less than $395.00.

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