TX Watch Company comes as a breeze of fresh air in an industry where the traditional standards of watch manufacturing prevail and where innovation finds it heard to break the path of the traditionalist perspective. Although the brand maintains some classic features of design, it proposes at the same time an unique approach to aesthetic beauty by introducing timepiece of our age, timepiece that are successful to speedy lifestyle and active people. What started 5 years ago as a small company of watch manufacturing, TX Watch Company has developed in one of the best promising brands on the market of watch manufacturing, with accessible design and state-of –the-art mechanisms.

        The striking design of the timepieces included in the new TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar collection is what attracts watch enthusiasts because of the powerful combination between elegant and classy features of design and more innovative, contemporary ones. The design features a stainless steel case that has impressive proportions, measuring 44 mm in diameter and according to taste, a stainless steel bracelet or a strap crafted from genuine leather. The case construction assures the best protection of the mechanism and can also guarantee 100 m of water resistance. The collection recently introduced by TX features 5 models that make use of different colors for the dial or different materials for the case.

        The movement of the new TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar Watch is not very sophisticated, yet it offers indispensable functions in watch manufacturing that satisfy the demands of an over-demanding modern society. The watch is equipped with a Quartz movement that guarantees the accuracy of a perpetual calendar function up to the year 2100. This movement works on a Panasonic CR2016 battery and assures the utmost accuracy of the functions presented on the dial.

        Enjoying the function of a perpetual calendar, the dial of the new TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar Watch brings back into fashion simplicity and style. The dial can be available on black, white and silver and it features luminescent coated detailing for the hour markers and hands. The dates and days of the week are indicated through a semi-arch located above 6 o’clock, while the months of the year are inscribed on a circle line near the margins of the dial.

        The watches included in the TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar Watch Collection offer a fresh and modern alternative to the dull and extra-pretentious designs of the past few decades. Definitely a watch designed for urban purposes, this timepiece amazes through the simplicity of its lines, while adding a touch of progressive functionality.

        Those of you already convinced of the technical excellence powered by the new TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar expect to find this outstanding timepiece at an affordable price of $550.00.

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