13 May

TX 500 Series World Time

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        The best in watch manufacturing has given birth to a relatively new brand on the market, TX Watch Company, which has persevered through its commitment to the already acclaimed practices in watch manufacturing, from both technical and aesthetic points of view and at the same time has paid its contribution to innovative techniques and more inspiring designs. Established a few years ago, TX Watch Company represents a powerful combination between passionate design inspired by Italian aesthetic values and accurate and innovative mechanisms brought by the German views towards watch manufacturing. Dedicated to technical performance, TX Watch Company wants to distribute affordable watches characterized by modern designs.

        The new timepiece that has managed to draw some attention on the TX brand is the new TX 500 Series World Time Watch, definitely a timepiece for the people who don’t settle for less and who make their investments worthwhile. The watch offers first of all reliability and secondly, it displays a design that’s breathtaking to an audience thirsty for contemporary features of design and curvy, seductive lines. The new timepieces are 9 in number and each of them presents a different version of design that focuses on a different dial. These watches represent highly useful time instruments for the travelers or for those whose professions require knowing at any time the time of a different time- zone. The powerful design that hints to modernity and dynamism was designed as a bonus if we come to think about the technical details that the new TX 500 Series World Time Watch can offer.

        For an effective functionality of the mechanism, the designers from TX Watch Company decided to go for batteries and so, the Quartz mechanism activating the new TX 500 Series World Time Watch works on Panasonic CR2016 batteries. These batteries offer amazing reliability of up to 4 years so you won’t have to worry about your watch falling behind or not offering utmost reliability.

        The technical feature that best impresses at the new TX 500 Series World Time Watch is its capacity to provide the local time for 24 different cities and also, to display the date and the seasons of those time-zones.

        The case is made from stainless steel, for a more contemporary, wearable appearance and it measures 45 mm in diameter. This size of the case guarantees a masculine look and its construction assures 100 m of water resistance. As previously mentioned, the new TX 500 Series World Time Watch is available in 9 variations that have not only different dials, but can also provide different materials employed in the case. Apart from stainless steel, the designers chose to use as well rose gold, for a more sophisticated approach to design.

        The dial is absolutely legible and has everything arranged with taste and with extra-consideration for creating space and openness. The dial of the new TX 500 Series World Time Watch presents the standard functions traditionally through center hands, a date window at 3 o’clock, an open arch for the seasons’ delimitation and the main cities inscribed on its margins. Extremely useful and more than appealing, the new TX 500 Series World Time Watch comes accompanied by a variety of straps, featuring leather or stainless steel and can be purchased for $ 500.00.

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