With an amazing attention to details and to creating watches of better quality than those existent on the market, but at an affordable price, TX Watch Company has managed to make itself a name in this fierce industry of watch manufacturing. Their honest approach to watch manufacturing gained their success, even though the brand has just a few years of existence. Established not so long ago, TX promised to contribute to the watch manufacturing tradition through innovative timepieces characterized by the most exquisite designs and so far, it seems that TX Watch Company is doing a pretty good job to make its name known.

        Combining techniques of German and Swiss watch manufacturing technologies with Italian approaches to design, TX Watch Company proposed interesting timepieces that even today make bestselling pieces of the watch manufacturing market, because of their amazing functionality available at affordable prices. The new timepiece that TX has the pleasure to introduce goes by the name of TX World Time Airport Lounge Watch and its manufacturing involves years of technical expertise combined with a great deal of talent and passion from the part of the TX designers.

        The new TX World Time Airport Lounge Watch comes as an extension of the TX World Time Watch Collection and it focuses on the same detail of telling the time of various locations at the same time. The amazing capacity of this watch to provide the local time of 24 different cities can only be seen as an advantage from the parts of the worldwide travelers or businessmen.

        The vintage design of this watch makes it appealing even to the most pretentious of watch connoisseurs. By combining classy lines of designs with a youthful, innovative look, the designers have managed to create the remarkable TX World Time Airport Lounge Watch, a watch considered an instant hit when released on the market. The design features a 42 mm in diameter case, justifying so the vintage appeal and a strap made either from leather, or for a more sophisticated design, from stainless steel. The case is manufactured from stainless steel and it is waterproof to 50 m deep. There are also other variations regarding the material employed in the case’s construction and so the new TX World Time Airport Lounge Watch can be available silver or rose gold.

        The mechanism equipping the TX World Time Airport Lounge Watch follows the technical pattern of the collection and so the watch makes use of a quartz movement activated by batteries. The watch provides the following functions: traditional functions of hours, minutes and seconds, a date function, a season-indicator display providing information whether it’s winter or summer and local time on 24 different cities.

        Each and every function provided by this watch is beautifully arranged on the dial to provide maximum legibility and so, we can find the date window located at three o’clock, the seasons-indicator between 4 and 5 o’clock and another semi-arch between 9 and 12 o’clock for the cities function.

        The amazing TX World Time Airport Lounge Watch can be purchased for a price ranging from $450.00 to $550.00 and is available on many strap version according to the customer’s personal style and taste.

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