2 June

TX 550 Series World Time Sport

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        Renowned for a contradicting nature that involves little watch manufacturing tradition and extremely progressive mechanisms, the newcomer brand TX Watch Company has proven that a brand can grown in a couple of years as other brands in a lifetime. The enthusiasm with which TX Watch Company has taken over the watch manufacturing market is impressive and denotes that it takes more than expertise and desire to become successful, it definitely takes passion. The talent of its designers managed to make from a small company of watch manufacturing, one of the best appreciated brands on the market with huge success amongst youngsters and watch enthusiasts.

        The brand opted for creating affordable timepieces that would, at the same time, offer the best reliability in terms of their technical movements. The new star-piece of the creative outlet proposed by TX Watch Company goes by the name of TX 550 Series World Time Sport and it is a statement of the brand’s success when it comes to creating advanced timepieces characterized by amazing functionality. The new watch is built in the same manner as the other products presented by TX on the market of watch manufacturing, featuring the blending between German engineering techniques with Italian passionate patterns of design.

        The new TX 550 Series World Time Sport comes in perfect agreement with an over-demanding society that requires both technical performance as well as a powerful design. The case of these new watches, 9 in their total, measures some impressive 47.5 mm in diameter, proportions which make them appropriate for sports-oriented purpose and it is manufactured from different materials featuring blending of rose gold shades. The original design captures the eye immediately through the dynamism of its design lines that are sporty, yet sophisticated.

        Inside the case of the new TX 550 Series World Time Sport a Quartz movement is activated by Panasonic CR2016 batteries that can assure the functionality of the mechanism up to 4 years. The mechanism is based on a technique featuring 4 motors that perform different functions for the dial display. Extremely reliable, the Quartz movement guarantees a retrograde display, a date window and also, 24 local time-zones displaying the time for 24 different cities.

        The dial is available on many variations according to the case’s finishing details and it offers amazing legibility. Between 2 and 3 o’clock, the dial makes room for a discreet date window, while two semi-arch windows present the information for the 24 cities and a winter-summer function between 3 and 6 o’clock and between 9 and 12 o’clock positions. Amongst the 24 different cities we can mention: Dubai, Moscow, Athens, Los Angeles and New York.

        Successful indeed on the market of watch manufacturing, the new TX 550 Series World Time Sport Watch comes accompanied by a rubber strap to assure that intended sporty appeal and can be purchased for the price of nearly $550.00.

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