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Urwerk UR-203 Edition Speciale

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       Urwerk is definitely a pioneering brand as through the new Urwerk UR-203 Edition Speciale it presents a revolutionary movement, one of a kind so far, based on fluid dynamics. The automatic winding movement is defined as the world’s first turbine regulation mechanism, caliber UR 7.03.


Urwerk UR-103 Joaillerie

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       Following the successful concept of the UR-103 watch introduced back in 2003, Martin Frei, the designer from Urwerk, has come up with a sophisticated version of the model, called the new Urwerk UR-103 Joaillerie Watch.


Urwerk UR-103 Watch

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       The Urwrek UR-103 Watch features an exquisitely designed case crafted from either white gold or red gold. Although these two materials are the most common, the watch is also available in two limited editions featuring platinum or black PE-CVD coated platinum.


UrWerk UR 202 Turbine Automatic

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     The Ur-202 has incorporated the revolving satellite complication that shows the time with the help of telescopic minute hands. These telescopic hands operate through orbiting and revolving satellites. The specialty of this time machine is that the minute hands adjust their length to the minute markings; 0-14, 15-44 and 45-60.

UrWerk Ur CC1

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         The UrWerk Ur CC1 is an unparalleled time piece by its functionality. With the most modern technology like rotating cylinders, racks and triple cams under its belt no wonder that the watch has been named “king cobra”.

Urwerk UR103T Watches

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     Felix Baumgartner and the artist Martin Frei, founders of URWERK. Interfering contemporary art and technicality point, creations URWERK are recognizable with the first glance. One hour satellite, a three-dimensional case, a pointed esthetics are the characteristics of the mark which presents the URWERK UR103T today.