Being part of the prestigious Richemont group, Vacheron Constantin is amongst the most esteemed watch making brands in the world with collections of watches that are referred to as points of reference for the watch making tradition. With a strong sense of quality, this brand proposes timepieces characterized by the utmost efficiency in terms of technical performance, while presenting designs hard to compete with nowadays. Definitely amongst the leaders of the market, the Vacheron Constantin brand of watches was established back in 1755 in Switzerland, the land of progressive watch manufacturing, by a visionary named Jean-Marc Vacheron.

       A prestigious watch making empire, the Vacheron Constantin house of watch manufacturing comprises nowadays of more the 400 employees that put their talent and expertise into creating outstanding timepieces, the brand making its presence felt in more than 80 countries, via more than 500 points of sale. The amazing reputation of this brand is not just owed to the long lasting tradition of watch manufacturing, but also to the true quality of the timepieces introduced by this brand, timepieces that are known to be amongst the preferences of great people such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Pope Pius XI or Harry Truman.

       One of the most exquisite collections ever introduced by Vacheron Constantin is the Ladies Timepieces Collection that features amazingly crafted watches of the finest elegance and appeal. One of the watches that approach femininity at its best is the new Vacheron Constantin 1972 Large Model High Jewellery, Ref. 25611, a watch that puts a great price on extravagance, being covered in diamonds.

       The design of the new Vacheron Constantin 1972 Large Model High Jewellery watch can soften the heart of any woman due to its brilliance given by the diamond-adornments and to its delicacy given by the subtle lines of the case. The watch features an asymmetric square shaped case measuring 24.20 x 47. 50 mm that provides the watch a trendy design. Crafted from 18 K white gold, the case is extremely chic and feminine and quite slim, having just the right proportions for a ladies’ watch. The case construction allows a diving of up to 30 meters deep, though we’re sure that no woman would go into the water with such a precious timepiece on her wrist.

       The new Vacheron Constantin 1972 Large Model High Jewellery watch makes use of 106 baguette-cut diamonds that cover the case and the dial. The dial presents the traditional functions of hours, minutes and seconds traditionally through central hands. The functions of this watch are assured by a Quartz movement that offers the utmost precision.

       Lovely indeed, the new Vacheron Constantin 1972 Large Model High Jewellery watch comes accompanied by an alligator Mississippiensis strap fitted with a diamond-adorned clasp. When delivered, the watch also comes accompanied by an extra-starp, in case of damaging.