27 March

Haute Joaillerie

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     When Vacheron Constantin created the first watch for woman’s it where meant to be more like jewelry pieces because back then it was not consider a necessity for the woman to keep track of time. So the all known Geneva constructor created jewels in stead of watches when it came to women design. But that is not necessarily a bad thing because the watches where even suspended or being closed down in a broach the mechanical parts kept on working and that is not necessarily a bad thing because it has the made an entirely tradition of it.

     In the year of 1979 the engineers have produce a legend by creating the Kallista a watch made entirely from gold and there where necessarily 6000 hours of hand work. But this model made from gold is the base of the new design Haute Joaillerie. The creation has opened a total new term when you will say woman’s watch. The watch is made entirely from diamonds from the belt to the case of the watch and the technology to do so is high teak and never used before in creating a watch but this prove once more the creativity and innovation that cams from Vacheron Constantin.

     By combining different technologies for the quest of finding the ultimate creation of diamond watches Haute Joaillerie takes the advantage of the latest thing in creation the flame cut. With this new technology the faces that are created into the diamonds are shinier and also more reflexive and give that special light of the watch and the impression that the sun is taken shape along the wrist. The flame cut has been recognize in the year of 2009 even if the process was first used twenty years ago but it is admirable because it gives a special feminine air to the diamonds but also to the entire project that use that piece of modern technology.

     The precision that is necessarily to make this project possible has been mathematically calculate because it requires a great design and form to bind those diamonds together. For the connections between the precious stones it was used the same flame cut technology but only to meld down some area of the diamonds and also to realize the connection between the first and the next. The amazing part is where the mechanical pieces are being mounted to the case diamond because like other watches the Haute Joaillerie mechanics is being installed before the final case is being sealed. So this transforms this watch into a perfectly sealed one and without any possibility to replace some parts if anything goes wrong with the mechanical parts and that is why the Vaucheron Constantin engineers have to create the perfect and small mechanical parts ever being created. The mechanical parts is incredible small of only 17 millimeters long and 5 millimeters thick but it has a unique system called Calibre 273 that it is certified by ISO to work without a flout for 20 years and all that it requires is the turn of the wheel every 5 days or less.

     The watch has been made only in 250 pieces but that is understanding because to create one piece it is necessarily more then 8000 hours of work. The Haute Joaillerie can be bought only from Switzerland or on the on-line shop that Vaucheron Constantin has but in the final version of purchasing the watch the constructor doesn’t assume any risk if something happens to the watch.

Pictures with Vacheron Constantin and Haute Joaillerie

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