The rheumatic infections touch each day, to differing degree, million people throughout the world. The attacks of the hand in particular, quiz `they are D `origin degenerative (osteoarthritis) or associated the disease of the rheumatism, can be particularly invalidating for the clock and watch makers and the craftsmen of clock making manufactures like that of Vacheron Constantin.

     Rheumasearch is a foundation created in 2007 whose name is consisted of the contraction of the terms Rheumatology and Research. L `objective of this foundation is to support clinical and fundamental research carried out in the service of rheumatology of the Teaching hospitals of Geneva and the laboratory of Rheumatology of the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva.

     Sensitive to this useful cause, Vacheron Constantin decided D `to help financially just at the end of the year 2010, the research projects in rheumatology supported by the Rheumasearch Foundation.

     With more than 250 years D `uninterrupted activity, Vacheron Constantin can put forward a single inheritance which remains an absolute reference in L `universe of the High Clock industry. Older manufacture in the world without interruption D `activity since 1755, the men and the women of Vacheron Constantin, since always, concentrated on manufacture and the consolidation D `a tradition D `aesthetic excellence as well technical the best witnesses are their chronometers whose completions with the hand are D `an exceptional quality.
     This intact artisanal approach, Vacheron Constantin cultivates it with the daily newspaper, putting L accent on the essential role of the gesture of L craftsman, L experiment of the “expert hand”, the know-how of L it is a clock and watch maker, designer, engineer, engraver, enameller. Through them, remain within L undertaken, of generations in generations, the finest clock making traditions of Geneva.

     This essential transmission of know-how, Vacheron Constantin L maintains and L accompanies by human values of solidarity, D `humanism and of passion. C `is within this framework that manufacture Vacheron Constantin chose to support the Rheumasearch Foundation, in order to warn the rheumatic infectious diseases which can touch to differing degree his/her collaborators – people of the trades of L `clock industry – and in particular its many clock and watch makers and craftsmen.

     The rheumatology is the medical discipline which deals with in a not-surgical way all the problems of the locomotors system, such as the degenerative attacks or osteoarthritis, the problems of the spinal column (evils of back), the muscular attacks, tendons problems and ligaments, and inflammatory or immunological diseases. They belong to the first causes of chronic disease and D disability. Contrary to a generally accepted idea, the rheumatologic diseases often touch the young subject although their frequency increases with L age.

     Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease which touches the cartilage as a whole then L articulation. L osteoarthritis is extremely frequent at the old subject. However, approximately 1/3 of the 40 year old individuals also suffer D osteoarthritis. The degenerative attacks of the spinal column are also frequent and are associated pains, generally of the lumbar area. Approximately 80% of the subjects will have at least an episode of lumbar pains in their life. These pains can have important consequences on the quality of life and the capacity of work.