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Watches in Movies

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Movies seem to be perfect opportunities for product placement, so watches make no exception to this trend. More and more celebrities appear in movies wearing complicated mechanical timepieces or highly precise quarts watches. But which timepieces got a part in Hollywood productions? Below there is a list of 10 movies where actors can be seen […]


How to buy a pre-owned watch

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Because we do not want that the acquisition of a watch to be a pain but a pleasure, it’s an honor for us to provide some tips that we consider useful in buying a pre-owned watch. We want to mention that this advice is not a word, but we invite you to browse and pick […]


Birthstones Significances

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Almost every ancient culture attributes important features to birthstones. There is the traditional belief that birthstones have legendary powers and influence the personality traits of people born under the zodiac sign they represent. It is said that if you wear a birthstone, all its powers are transferred to you and you will be protected. But […]


Salon Internacional de la Alta Relojeria

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         The Salon Internacional de la Alta Relojeria is more like meeting style and knowledge in the same place, a luxurious, pleasant encounter that also offers an impressive parade given by 30 of the most important names creating timepieces. Besides the astonishing exhibition given by the famous brands mentioned above…


De Grisogno Instrumentino Steel & Diamonds

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         The new collection de Grisogno Instrumentino Steel & Diamonds strikes one’s attention with its glamorous design and its harmonious shape. Definitely a modern timepiece, the new version of de Grisogono Instrumentino Steel & Diamonds looks more like an elegant accessory…


Antiquorum’s December 2009 Auction

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      Antiquorum actively prepares its greater auction sale which will proceed on December 10, 2008 in its American offices on Madison Avenue in New York (the United States).       Antiquorum, leader world of the auction sales in the field of the clock industry, is happy to announce the next sale “of Important Wrist watches, Montres of Pocket, […]

     MB&F is an artistic conceptual laboratory and micromechanics which rests on a simple idea: to join together each year of the evolutionary clock making collectives composed of independent professionals in order to conceive and carry out radical Horological Machines.

New Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time

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     Ulysse Nardin Dual Time collection has added another great piece to it by developing the Executive Dual Time clock and with the new ceramics elements that can be found in the construction of the watch it also brings unique features and more elegance to the exterior design of the watch.

16th century Queen Bee

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    With the help and study of the 16th century, Andreas Zadora Gerlof has manage to create a unique timepiece that can be a real masterpiece with an air of new and elegant design but in the same time trying to maintain the static old air of back then.
    With the shape of a spear head that came from Maurice Lacroix, the lines of the masterpiece are an almost perfectly proportional technology and a new modern look that shapes the entire watch called chronograph Squelette. The skeleton that is on the dial is perfectly crafted in gold and it pronounces all of the moving parts of the watch and the entire exterior aspect takes shape of a delicate labyrinth in witch appears a train gear also whit a great finishing to a very small detail.

Grönefeld GTM

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     One hell of a debut, this could only begin to sum up the launch of the new brand Grönefeld in the watch-making industry worldwide. This is how, by creating nothing less than the most complicated wristwatch ever built in Netherlands, the 303-Grönefeld GTM06 the watchmaker Grönefeld earned his prestige.

Rudis Sylva Romain Gillet

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Inspired by 1850s tourbillon watches experimental tests Romain Gillet perfected an innovative regulating system and created the resonant double regulator custom made since for Rudis Sylva. This innovative mechanism is able to provide a flawless level of precision, not only due to its capacity of transmitting the oscillatory energy of the 2 balances but also due to the spring system which connects the tourbillon unites.