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Wyler Geneve El Camino Real Chronograph

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       The new Wyler Geneve El Camino Real Chronograph Watch rises to the reputation of the Swiss watch making techniques by not only following the high standards of such tradition, but also by bringing something additional to the traditional Swiss technical performance.


Wyler Geneve FIGC Chronograph

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       With an interesting story behind it, the new Wyler Geneve FIGC Chronograph has much more to tell, starting from the exquisite design, the quality of the materials employed in its manufacturing to the extremely progressive technical movement it provides.


Wyler Geneve Code-R GMT

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       Belonging to the Code-R collection, the new model we’re presenting shows extreme dynamism and power, while sheltering obviously one of the Wyler Geneve exclusive shock-absorption mechanisms. The new Wyler Geneve Code-R GMT Watch provides a sporty unique appearance based on robust lines of design and light colors.


Wyler Geneve Unique Tourbillon WT3

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         The new Wyler Geneve Tourbillon WT3 combines a 42 mm in diameter case made of wither white gold or ceramics and a sapphire crystal material, covering the case. To assure the mechanism’s stability, the case is secured with 4 …


Wyler Geneve Dakar 2009

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         The chronograph watch especially designed for the rally is made of tantalum, a very rare material which has become more and more appealing for the watch manufacturing designers. Following its reputation for being one of the best developers of anti-shock mechanisms, the brand of Wyler Geneve continues to show its talent through the new timepiece presented at this event.

Wyler-Zagato Special Edition

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      Embodying both the well known Swiss precision and refined Italian Design, the limited Wyler-Zagato Special Edition of only 25 timepieces, represents a partnership based on mutual respect and friendship between the owners of two of the most exclusive and luxurious watch/automotive-making brands in Europe.

2009 Wyler Geneve Code S

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     With Nidor, Zeno-Watch Basel presents its third watch of pocket at bracelet. The director of the mark, Felix Huber, could obtain a stock of old movements Nidor gone back to 1918, interesting detail which gives seal to the unit.