5 December

Xemex Concept One Chronograph

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         The watch manufacturing industry is all about talent, passion and know-how. All these three core values have served the brand Xemex as inspiration for their new watches released on the market, which preserve the spirit of tradition and complete it with innovative elements meant to propel the brand’s popularity. Ever since its foundation, Xemex based its creative process on a single man, a man who has dedicated his life to watch manufacturing and to creating exquisite timepieces of incommensurable value that would soon enough be regarded as masterpieces of Haute Horlogerie. The name of this person is Ruedi Külling, the designer that stays behind the brand of Xemex, and its full commitment to aesthetic excellence and technical performance can be seen reflected in its latest watch collections.

         Much appreciated, Xemex will be assuring itself a place in the tradition of watch manufacturing, as being amongst the few brands that are apt to explore new visions, new technologies and state-of-the-art design approaches. The new watch introduced by Xemex goes by the name of Xemex Concept One Chronograph watch and represents the main artistic views of Ruedi Külling, the famous designer from Xemex.

         In a word where everything is reproduced or imitated, it is art or the artistic vision that makes a difference and Xemex has shown everybody that this brand appreciates uniqueness, singularity, and perfection. The watches produced by Xemex display only the most original and unconventional of features meant to attract the watch lovers who are always looking for fresher and more innovative designs. Another hit by Xemex was the new Xemex Concept One Chronograph watch, a unique timepiece that displays a sporty and joyful look. The watch’s case measures 47×43 mm of polished stainless steel and uses the most interesting design lines as to hint to the artistic vision of its creator. The asymmetrical lines are accentuated on the right side of the case and make of the design of the watch something indeed special on the market of watch manufacturing.

         Xemex approaches interesting design features, but that does not mean that the technical aspect is neglected. Along with the interesting look, this watch also offers great technical performance focused in its chronograph and tachymeter functions, not to mention the traditional ones of minute, hour and second. The quartz movement is genuinely Swiss manufactured and you can be sure of providing the best reliability. This movement generates a 50 meters water reserve, given the highly secured closing mechanism of the case.

         What’s really special at this new Xemex Concept One Chronograph watch, apart from its asymmetrical case, is the wonderful vivid color used for the dial. The dial is yellow and adorned with some black lines, most of them indicating the hour markers, while other delimitating the three sub-dials of the watch. The three sub-dials which provide chronograph counter functions are located at the 9 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 3 o’clock position. The indispensable date is located at the 4 o’clock position.

         The new Xemex Concept One Chronograph watch goes on a sporty, yet elegant black rubber strap, contrasting with the yellow dial.